Foster your Greatness
Master Class

About the Course

The Foster Your Greatness Master Class is a 16-week self-development program built on the foundations of research and best practices in supporting young adults with lived experience in the foster care system.

With an emphasis on self-determination and holistic wellness, participants are guided through weekly self-paced learning activities that assist them in identifying and honing their talents, SMART goal-setting and attainment, and developing the mindsets of success. They are also supported in understanding the impact of trauma on their lives and how to manage and overcome challenges and obstacles using emotional intelligence and effective problem solving. This is accomplished with the help of near-peer coaches who provide compassionate, attuned teaching, accountability, and support, equipping Master Class participants with the knowledge and skills to thrive.

coaches with lived experience

Credible Messengers

Leaders with lived experience bring a unique level of empathy, understanding, and open-mindedness to the coach role. Credible messengers have "been there," so they can quickly earn trust and build rapport with their coachees, creating a foundation for effective connection and support.

Creating life long skills and success

Goal Setting

Emotional Intelligence

Growth Mindset


Our curriculum

Why did we start the Master Class?

We created the Master Class in answer to the question, “What do young adults impacted by foster care need to thrive?” But rather than asking ourselves, we went straight to the experts: the young adults! Designed for and in partnership with lived experience leaders, the Master Class curriculum covers a range of topics and skills that are necessary for successful and satisfying independent living. And unlike similar courses, they are written especially for this audience, with sensitivity to different learning styles, intersectional identities, and experiences with trauma.

Master class overview

Our course is centered on these life domains

Life Skills

These skills help us succeed in all other domains - communication, decision making, and managing change are just a few!


How we earn, spend, and save money allows us to thrive.


Health is so much more than your blood pressure and cholesterol number. It considers the entire person - mind, body, and spirit.


Personal and cultural identity comes from the values, purpose, and beliefs that drive us and the communities in which we are a part.


Education happens in and out of the classroom. We believe learning happens life-long.

Relationships & Community

People and communities help to move us ahead on our journey to thriving.


Jobs and careers give us opportunities to earn money, apply what we know, and develop as a person.

Housing & Transportation

This domain includes where you live, how you get places, and what's inside your home.

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